Gratitude Rising

by Michelle Acker on February 7, 2011

in Learning the Art of Living

It’s funny how when you are on the right path, everything seems to
fall in line and work in harmony. And when you’re not, everything
seems so much harder, so much more frustrating and as if everything is
working against you.

But the secret I’ve found is this: it’s not the things, the stuff,
working for or against you. It’s you. A simple shift in attitude can change your day from a rocky road to a smooth, easy path. Not that  having a good attitude or grateful heart will keep anything from ever going wrong, because it doesn’t work like that. But, a good attitude will make it exponentially easier for you to deal with whatever comes your way.

Try it. Count your blessings for the littlest things for just one day.
Find something to be thankful for even in the not so good moments, and
let me know how it works for you.

It does wonders for me. Especially on the not so good days.

Over the last week I’ve been grateful for a crazy range of things:
~flip flops and open windows in January
~friends to sit outside with and soak up the sun
~snow days (FOUR of them!)
~pjs and blankets and extra time in bed
~husband staying home from work
~friends to who help without question in emergencies (Thank you K & MD!)
~our local fire department….awesome heroes for getting our gas leak turned off safely
~the sun returning to melt the cold away
…and many, many more…

I’m linking up today to Ann Voskamp’s Thousand Gifts at A Holy Experience:

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