How to Give Yourself Permission to Create Healthy Boundaries

by Michelle Acker on September 25, 2013

in Learning the Art of Living

I Value Friendships Immensely

I am the first person to want to offer help to a friend who might be struggling.
I offer encouragement.  I listen.  I pray.  I give whatever advice I have that might have worked for me.  I offer my time and my friendship.

I don’t give up on people easily.

But over the last few months, I’ve realized that something I consider one of my greatest strengths, can also work to my detriment.

I’ve found myself wondering, where do I draw the line with people who don’t seem to share the same respect for me?  Because although I hate to admit it, there ARE people out there who will just take and take and take until I’m left feeling drained and resentful.

I wonder if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar relationship?

I stumbled across a post that truly helped me sort out these feelings and frustrations this week.   And I think it’s an important topic, so I’d like to share it with you here…

Healthy Boundaries

“Scripture invites us to develop relationships with other believers, but it also warns us that not all relationships are healthy ones. … it is advantageous for us to learn to recognize those toxic people that come into our lives that can undermine our personal boundaries.  They can take up all of our energy and resources and then when they are done with us they are nowhere to be found.  They simply move on to the next victim, leaving you feeling totally used.  These are the people we are to love from a distance.”   -Dixie, Reflections of Grace

I invite you to read the full post here, and then come back and share your thoughts…


How do YOU set healthy boundaries
in your own relationships?


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Dixie Diamanti September 25, 2013 at 8:34 PM

Thank you for using my quote from toxic relationships Michelle!! Love it when we find sisters of like mind and heart!! Love your blog as well!! Blessings!!

Joanne Viola September 26, 2013 at 7:59 AM

What a sobering quote. Truly. I think my struggle comes in when I think about loving people. Loving does not equal having to be in relationship with every one. May I have the discernment & the wisdom as to who I am to love from a distance. Thank you for sharing this today!

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