An Exciting Announcement and 3 Powerful Verses

October 17, 2013 health

I’ve been quiet here over the last two weeks.  I’ve been working on some exciting changes around here, and over the next few weeks,  I’ll be transitioning over to a new site…  I hope you’ll join me there!   I would love it if you’d  subscribe over here ———> for all the latest updates and […]

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What If? Healthy, Whole, and Happy…

July 10, 2013 My Journey

For years, I have been on a quest   to become healthy, whole, and happy.   Health has felt elusive, as I’ve struggled to learn how to eat clean, make good choices, and heal my body from the harm I’ve done over the last forty years. I’ve eaten poorly, gorging myself on sugar, until I learned it […]

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Be Free – A Challenge ( & e-book!)

July 4, 2012 Body

Did you know that Michelle from SomeGirlsWebsite.com and I are writing an e-book, together with another friend?  We’ve been working hard, and finally the pieces are all starting to fall together.  We’ve titled it “Be Free – A 14-day Challenge of Food Discovery.   It’s the story of how the three of us have become […]

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He Thinks I’m Funny…

February 13, 2012 Wellness

Join me over at Must Love God today and see why I’m writing about the Big Guy laughing at me…. Okay, okay… I think He’s laughing at all of us, not just me.  Come over and see why. About Michelle AckerMail | More Posts (162)

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Thinking and Doing

February 9, 2012 Wellness

That free printable I posted last week?  It was tougher than I thought it would be to fill out.  In fact, I found myself wishing I’d not posted it, because then I wouldn’t have to actually fill it out.  Sigh. I’m glad I’ve got these accountability girls that have my back to make me stick […]

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