What If? Healthy, Whole, and Happy…

July 10, 2013 My Journey

For years, I have been on a quest   to become healthy, whole, and happy.   Health has felt elusive, as I’ve struggled to learn how to eat clean, make good choices, and heal my body from the harm I’ve done over the last forty years. I’ve eaten poorly, gorging myself on sugar, until I learned it […]

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Finally, An Intentional Way to Attract Readers to Your Blog

June 26, 2013 Living is Learning

How to attract readers to your blog Everyone else makes it look so easy, don’t they? Throw out a few thought-provoking words, a couple of pretty pictures and… Viola! You’ve got yourself a blog post. You know, something like this: And once the posts are written, the readers will just come flooding in, knocking down […]

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Curious… Which Would You Choose?

June 20, 2013 Thought Provoking

God has been calling me back into the Word. Sticking scriptures in my head that don’t shake loose and change my whole perspective. Like this one:     I’m curious… Which scripture is God speaking into your life right now?   About Michelle AckerMail | More Posts (162)

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It’s a Tough Question… What’s Your Answer?

June 6, 2013 Learning the Art of Living

This shirt helped fund brain surgery for babies in Uganda! How cool is that? It’s a tough question….   What am I taking for granted?   It’s not hard to quickly figure out the beginning of a long list: a husband and a good marriage children extended family nearby clean water plentiful food a home […]

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An Epidemic…And What You Can Do About It TODAY

May 29, 2013 Thought Provoking

It seems like there is an epidemic of stress going around. Too many of my friends and family are hurting right now, all in different ways, but the common denominator seems to always be stress. I’m guilty of it myself.  Letting too many things pile up on my plate until I lose the joy in […]

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