Overwhelmed Isn’t a Four Letter Word

by Michelle Acker on October 10, 2012

in Learning the Art of Living


Dear Overwhelmed Sister/Friend/Neighbor/Co-worker…

Psst.  Hey you!  The overwhlemed one. Yes, you.  

The one with the never ending mountain of laundry.

The one with the perpetually full sink of dirty dishes.

You who just remembered a must-do on today’s to-do list
and you have no idea how you’ll fit it in?

The one who is constantly feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists, chores,
activities, commitments, projects, and more…

I’m talking to you.

Can I tell you something?

Overwhelmed isn’t a four letter word.

‘Overwhelmed’ isn’t meant to be such a regular negative part
of your daily thoughts and vocabulary.

Did you hear that?  I’m going to say it again just to make sure.

‘Overwhelmed’ isn’t meant to be such a regular negative
part of your daily thoughts and vocabulary.

How about we flip a switch somewhere and change all that, shall we?

What if we refuse to use ‘overwhelmed’ as a negative word any longer?

Let’s be overwhelmed by His Grace.

Let’s be overwhelmed by the Prince of Peace.

Let’s be overwhelmed by His Mercy.

Let’s be overwhelmed with JOY,
because we can REST in Him in all we do.

Let’s be simply overwhelmed by His Love.

What can you do today to flip that switch?


Something to think about…


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